• Vertical Pump

    Vertical, Axial-Flow, Mix-Flow, Impeller Centrifugal pumps

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    The M&W offers a complete range of Vertical Pumps with unrivalled reliability and engineered technology to match your every need, which means Wide range of hydraulic and mechanical coverage; offered in numerous material and design configurations – to suit your different site conditions.


    All series of pumps is engineered to lower your operating costs over time. Designed for endurance and easy maintenance. Casings are designed with extra thick, and shafts and bearings are heavy-duty, making our vertical pumps the ideal pump for the toughest of services.


    Customized material of main parts, varied material options & sealing systems make our vertical pumps an ideal choice for almost any application.



    General resident & industry water supply & transferring
    Agricultural irrigation and drainage, Flood discharge

    Water treatment, Waterworks, Sea water desalination

    Oil & Gas & Petrochemical processing, Abrasive liquids

    Power plant cooling tower & Hot water transferring

    Raw water intaking, Mining water supply & disposal

    LC series

    Vertical Turbine Pump

    Flow: 150 - 19,000 m3/h

    Delivery Head: 6 - 260m

    Outlet Dia.: 150 - 1400mm

    Working Pressure: ≤ 4Mpa

    Solid Particle: ≤ 80mg/L

    Liquid Temp.: 0℃ - 80℃

    LK/LB series

    Vertical Mix-Flow Pump

    Flow: 900 - 25,000 m3/h

    Delivery Head: 7 - 105m

    Outlet Dia.: 350 - 1400mm

    Working Pressure: ≤ 1.5Mpa

    Solid Particle: ≤ 80mg/L

    Liquid Temp.: 0℃- 55℃

    ZLB series

    Vertical Axial-Flow Pump

    Flow: 450 - 33,500 m3/h

    Delivery Head: 2 - 12m

    Outlet Dia.: 350 - 1600mm

    Working Pressure: ≤ 0.15Mpa

    Solid Particle: ≤ 80mg/L

    Liquid Temp.: 0℃- 60℃

    XS(L) series

    Vertical Installed Split case pump

    Flow: 50 - 20,000 m3/h

    Delivery Head: 7-220m

    Outlet Dia.: 80-1,600mm

    Working Pressure: ≤ 5Mpa

    Solid Particle: ≤ 80mg/L

    Liquid Temp.: 0℃-105℃

    DL series

    Vertical Multistage centrifugal pump

    Flow: 5 - 280m3/h

    Delivery Head: 20 -200m

    Outlet Dia.: 40 - 150mm

    Working Pressure: ≤ 2.5Mpa

    Solid Particle: ≤ 80mg/L

    Liquid Temp.: 0℃ - 105℃

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